Best Tattoo Sites

Baby Being Held by Man with Tattooed SleeveIf you are looking for cool and interesting tattoo related sites – I have collected some a great collection for you right here. Started my personal collection about 12 years ago. I have them organized into easy to navigate categories. AND, in addition, we’ve got some answers to your tattoo questions and various bits and pieces of information in our FAQ area. If you have a suggestion, send me off an en email and I’ll review it and see if it’s a good fit for our site.

Site of the Month – APRIL 2013


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Tattoo Artists

Definitely the most popular and largest category we currently offer – Guy Aitchison, Mario Barth, Paul Booth, Miya Bailey, Nick Baxter, Larry Brogan, Joe Capobianco, Mike DeVries, Ryan Dearringer, Trevor Collis. Pat Fish, Lisa Fasulo, Jeff Gogue, Shotsie Gorman, Mike Hill, Chris Garver, Ami James, Corey Miller, Tom Renshaw, Jack Rudy, Jesse Neese, Luci Lou, Mr. Cartoon, Bob Tyrell, Spider Webb, Dawel Zhang, Tim Victim and more! Easily find the most famous and not so famous artist’s web site. Discover new artists that we have discovered through research and reading. We did the work for you.

Tattoo Flash Art

The second most popular category which is understandable – people look to the internet for ideas for their next tattoo body art, or even find places to purchase flash, join flash related sites in turn making a great huge selection for your download purposes, or individual artists, such as Pat Fish famous for her celtic tattoo work,who is selling their own unique, one of a kind flash.

Tattoo Blogs and Forums

Currently the number of tattoo blogs and forums is on the small side but growing every week. I have been recently receiving requests from owners of new sites just starting out to be included in this category which I’m happy to see. You can communicate easily with other fans of tattoos and upload your own tat pictures to some of these sites. The forums open up a whole social community to you. The blogs are fun -I have one myself call Flash Your Tattoo- and informative and some focus on a particular type of tattoos design.

Tattoo Fashion

Store selling punk style clothing – some emphasizing tattoo inspired clothing designs and others sell items for your home – tattoo design and art on bed sheets, dishware, and other cool items.

Tattoo Training

This category is divided up between tattoo trade schools and courses as well as videos and training books available for ordering. Whichever your preference or the means available to you, you can find ways to pick up on basic tattooing instruction.

Tattoo Supplies

A category that will mostly be used by artists – and maybe someone curious about the costs of some of the materials needed to start tattooing. The sites are not all that flashy but the competition is not great in this area at the time.

Tattoo FAQ and Information

If you are just curious about tattooing, the terminology associated with the tattoo community, or you are a tattoo enthusiast and fan and have some questions about various designs and the meanings behind them – such as the popular Phoenix bird design, the lotus flower tattoo design, or the Chinese dragon design.